The Nickname Game

If you’ve read The Origins of Cuplet post, you’ll know how I got my foodie based nickname (if not, go back and give it a read!), and it got me thinking…

When I was at school there was a very popular name game doing the rounds.  The Porn Star Name Game.  You know the one right?  You take the name of your first pet, and the name of the street you grew up on, put them together and hey presto!  You are the proud owner of your very own porn star name.  You’re sitting there right now working out what yours is aren’t you?  Don’t try and act like you’re not!  And ok, in case your curiosity is getting the better of you, I’ll let you in on mine.  My porn star name is Roly-Poly Birch.  Yes, yes, have a good laugh at my, ahem, “robust” adult entertainment alter-ego…  Ok, are you done now?  Can we move on?  Good :).  So, back to my thought… why don’t we all have stupid snack food based nicknames?!  If like me, your name doesn’t naturally lend itself well to nicknamery (I mean, how many actual real-life proper words can you rhyme with Paula?), then surely this is one solution to our nicknaming needs :).

So have a go, and lets see if we can get snack food nicknames taking off, eh?  It’s not rocket science, it’s just a bit of nonsense really, but there are rules (of course there are rules, I’m OCD remember?  Rules control the fun!) so here’s a quick recap.   Take the first three letters of your favourite sweet treat; chocolate/cake/biscuits/sweets etc, then take the last three letters of your favourite savoury snack; crisps/chips/nuts etc.  Smoosh them together and there you have it – your very own snack food nickname!  Here are a few fun examples, just to get your creative juices going:

Toblerone + Chips = Tobips

Jaffa Cakes + Doritos = Jaftos

Maltesers + Nik Naks = Malaks

Wispa + Hula Hoops = Wisops

Toffee Crisp + Quavers = Tofers

Hob Nob + Walkers = Hobers

Minstrels + Wheat Crunchies = Minies

Right, off with you now, start working on your snack food nicknames :).  And why not post it to me when you’re done; I’d love to see what you come up with!  Have fun :D.


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